About NandN Vintage Costume Jewelry
NandN brings you the most exciting designer costume jewelry that has been crafted worldwide over the last fifty years.
We began dealing in jewelry twenty years ago, in England. We continued after our move to Canada in 1989. Since then we have begun to specialize in the great costume jewelry of the classic period from the 1930s to the 1960s, when jewels were made from glass which were artistically more interesting and innovative than those including precious stones - and equally well made. They have of course remained so. If you take a tour of our site from the home page, through the designer and figural collections including Trifari, Boucher, Mazer, Chanel, Coro, Dior, Eisenberg, Haskell, Carnegie, KJL, Ciner, Schiaparelli, you will see what we mean.

NandN Vintage Costume Jewelry is based in Toronto, Canada. This website has been up since January 1999 - you can see our full update history here. If you are interested in any of our jewels, to ask a question or to buy, please email us. You'll find us helpful, friendly, and - as far as we can be - knowledgeable.

Please view our sales, shipping, and returns policies before emailing us to purchase any item.

And enjoy the collections!

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