Castlecliff Gold and Enamel 'Eagle of Suger' with Moveable Wings Bird Pin Clip
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Castlecliff Gold and Enamel 'Eagle of Suger' with Moveable Wings Bird Pin Clip
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Description: gold plated base metal, enamelling. The two wings are hinged and move freely
Marked: unsigned
Reference: The design is based on the 12th century 'Eagle of Suger', a liturgical chalice now in the Louvre - an ancient porphyry vase mounted with silver gilt head, wings, and feet in the shape of an eagle, by Abbot Suger of the Abbey of St Denis in the mid-1100s. See Pictured with matching earrings in a feature interview with Clifford Furst, head of Castlecliff, in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 2 March 1941, p 108 (p 10 of the 'Everybody's Weekly' supplement); click thumbnail above to view. The implication Castlecliff produced this pin is confirmed by Furst's design interest in medieval France, expressed in a 'Sainte Chapelle' series based on the 13th century royal chapel in Paris (advertised in Vogue, 15 Oct 1938, p 135, repeated in 1946 - WWD 18 Jan, p 19). Furst travelled regularly to Paris before and after the war - eg in 1938 (on the Normandie, Minneapolis Star Tribune 10 Dec, p 17) and 1945 (WWD 13 Dec, p 29). The design and construction (enamelling, a moveable wing, and characteristic pin clip) is identical to a Castlecliff rooster pin featured in Vogue, 15 Feb 1940 - see DAZ2202
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Condition: Excellent
Size: 3.7" x 2.75"
Price: US$1875
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