Silson Gold Pave and Enamel Hand with Ring Bracelet and Flower Holder Pin
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Silson Gold Pave and Enamel Hand with Ring Bracelet and Flower Holder Pin
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Description: gold plated base metal, rhinestones, enamelling. A tube or sleeve on the back will hold a flower (which would appear to be held in the hand)
Marked: Silson Patented
Reference: Patent is reproduced below (scroll down); designer Victor Silson, filed 27 Apr, granted 16 July 1940. The pin was copied by the Chanel Novelty Co - see SSS370. On 7 May 1940, Womens Wear Daily reported (p 26) that Silson had sued Harry Reinstein 'doing business as Chanel Novelty Co', for $25,000 damages for copying this pin; the idea for 'a flower pin which would hold a natural flower' had come from a discussion on 1 Feb 'with one of the fashion creators for Harper's Bazaar'; Silson's production was dispatched 6 Apr to Helena Rubinstein, for distribution and sale in their stores nationwide at $5 each; but by 20 Apr the Chanel copies were on sale at Bloomingdale's NYC for $1. (Silson applied for their design patent one week later). The settlement (WWD 16 May 1940, p 30) saw Chanel Novelty Co undertake to desist, and destroy 300 existing copies of the design. Click thumbnail above to view articles. See Brunialti, American Costume Jewelry - Art and Industry (2008) Vol 1 pp 78-83 on the Chanel Novelty Co, which carried on copying pieces in 1941; this Silson case makes it fairly certain that all Chanel's pieces in 1940-41, which correspond to other companies' known designs, were also (like the Chanel name itself) simply pirated. The pin was advertised for sale at Stewart's, price $5 plus tax, in the [Louisville KY] Courier-Journal, 8 Dec 1940, p 9, with other pins - see MAZ898
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Condition: Excellent
Size: 3.1" x 1.25" x 0.7" proud
Price: US$575
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